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    VOICE OUT Let’s share our opinion she needs our help


    Let’s share our opinion she needs our help

    Dear Richblisscounselors members

    My husband has two cars, I go to work by public transport.

    I pleaded with him to give me one of them even if its the smaller one but he refused.

    I explained to him the stress I go through jumping from one bus to the other but he still refused. I continue going to work by public transport.

    As God may have it, I got promoted in my place of work and was gifted a car. My car is finer and more expensive than my husbands cars .

    Now my husband want to take my car and told me to choose from any of his two cars I don’t want to give him my car because to me he is just been “selfish”.
    There had not been peace at home because of this.

    What do I do?

    Let’s voice out

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